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9/7/05 10:07 pm

i havent updated this in a while, im going to update some photos real soon because i need to.. nothing much has happened lately, daz moved in with me and we have our own place and such. we need parties real soon.

8/1/05 10:34 pm

every guy i like, always ends up being a total loser. arrrgh.

7/22/05 01:33 pm - It's A Ticket To The Life You Had Before

My life is so fucked right now. i keep messing everything up for myself. it isnt fun either.

I hung out with chelsea and leigh last night. i havent saw them in ages. we got drunk, had a party, it was crazy. i got to see alot of people i havent saw in aaaaages. also. i didnt know jessica was pregnant. uh. i need to catch up.
I'm hanging out with emily, sara, lindsey, leigh, jesse and mike tonight. it should be fun. i know im not going to get drunk again. bad headaches. argh.

Oooh. I also found out that i like a guy alot last night. it was a big suprise.
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